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Saturday, February 8, 2014

A Little Progress

pallet wood
You know some days I just feel like I haven't gotten much accomplished. Unless I write things down. Then I can see that I did get something done, it just seems like it should have been twice as much in the time I had.

Well building projects around here start out with ripping pallets; this is part of about 6 I took apart first thing this morning.

front of breeding pen

I then seemed to have spent most of the day building this front of a breeding pen, complete with door frame. The door still needs wire, hinges & a latch.

Along with that I did eat breakfast, washed and hung up two loads of clothes.

eggs in the nest of the layer house

I also managed to do all my chicken chores and collect eggs. When I was done building I cut all the trash wood up and brought it in for the stove.

I did take some pictures of some of the birds today. I also checked and spritzed thirty odd chicken butts for lice. They have been a terrible problem here and while some birds never seem to have any, other birds seem to be covered. I'll do all the rest of the birds tomorrow evening.

mamma silkie and her foster babies
black copper marans hatched Nov 28th

Mamma silkie is taking good care of her babies.

The three Black Copper Marans chicks from November look like two boys and a girl.


Henrietta is a show quality Buff Orpington pullet.

Claire is 75% English imported Buff Orpington.

Claude is 100% English imported Buff Orpington. This trio belongs to my friend Cindy. I just get to keep and take care of these wonderful birds as her breeding partner. I have 4 of Henny's eggs in the incubator now and will continue to collect and hatch her eggs for awhile. We are waiting for Claire to lay her first egg. From the color of her comb and wattles, it ought to be pretty soon!
Claude with the wind blowing

Claude has been hanging out in the layer pen and looks like a jolly golden giant compared to the little Easter Egger girls.  Today when I was working on the breeding pen Claire and Henny snuck in there too. There was some fussing with some of the older layers, but nobody was really serious enough to take on this giant golden girls! But all the layers had to come in and investigate the part of the building they usually can't get to. They were all underfoot while I was trying to work!

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  1. Mary, I have those same thoughts many times about my projects. I'm a little impatient with how much I didn't get done instead of looking at what I have a accomplished. I take pictures as I go and keep them in a digital journal. I have started taking a day at the end of the year and reviewing what has been accomplished. I am always amazed at how much has been done over the year. It's seems when I'm in the middle of the year I can't see the accomplishments from day to day but the over all yearly picture surprises me. There are days when I'm just not in the mood to work on anything. Those days I force myself to just do one little thing which then leads to another little thing and pretty soon I've accomplished a lot of little things for the day. I know it's a trick but it seems to work every time. There are other times when 30 minutes or maybe just an hour has to be enough because of other life events. If it's only an hour a day then at the end of the week that's six hours of work on uncompleted projects. I have learned that it's not about how much can get accomplished in one day but rather that I accomplish some thing however small every day. You seemed to have learned that skill as well.

    Have a great chicken accomplishment day.