My Edible Garden

I've been gardening for most of my life and have been a devoted fan of organic gardening the whole time. It just makes so much more sense to work in harmony with Mother Nature than to fight her. Besides which it is better for the planet and better for our bodies. Here you can see what I'm planting and harvesting, with gardening hints and resources thrown in for good measure.

Friday, March 27, 2020

Farmer Friday 3/27/2020

Yesterday 2 little Nankins hatched. They are a rare breed of bantam chicken. Mom stuck tight to the nest all day today so more may have hatched. 

The bed I planted the other day is looking ok so far. 

Picking Calendula 

And daffodils 

And iris

To make bouquets for Superior 

They are predicting nearly freezing temps tonight so brought the tomatoes and artichoke plants in. Was grey all day with an icy wind. 2 friends 2-5 miles in opposite directions from me both reported light snow. 

I dropped some mulch on potatoes that I planted Wednesday whose sprouts were poking out and on the chayote sprouts. Then I covered the potted potatoes with heavy frost cloth. I undid the hoses and covered the faucets too. 

I retreated to the house out of the nasty wind. Did up some dishes and cleaned up a bit. I scrambled up all the infertile and early quitter eggs that pulled from the incubator the other day. I’ll feed them to the chickens tomorrow as part of their feed. 

Not sure but that might be what we called Indian onions when I was a kid. A native wild onion. I’ll have to check.  Even if it isn’t it’s a pretty little flower right by where I walk 

Certainly appreciating spring coming and looking forward to the abundance to follow. 

Monday, March 23, 2020

While the world goes crazy 3/23/2020

While the world is going crazy outside my gates farm life goes on. Still have to feed the chickens. They are still laying lots of eggs. 

Maremma smiles 

The cats have discovered the incubator is warm. 

The flowers are blooming 

I spent several days down having muscle spasms in my back. Much better now as long as I’m careful about certain movements. I potted up the tomatoes and put them on these shelves after I wrapped them in netting and covered them with frost cloth to keep them warmer. 

I made up some soil blocks and panted marigolds, kale, tatsoi. 

I rearranged the junk piles

So I could move this little house and the ducks out of a garden space. The ducks are not real happy with the space reduction but it’s just temporary. 

These are Chayote squash I bought from the bargain bin last month. I haven’t grown them before. I understand they have one big seed and you plant the whole thing, which I did today. 

I also planted the shallots my friend gave me awhile ago. They got lost on the counter but now in the ground.  And so life goes on. 

Today I’m appreciating friends old and new and all of the blessings they bring to my life

Tuesday, March 10, 2020

New Additions 3/10/2020

I picked up Fireball and Posey yesterday. They are not too sure about Giotto!

They’ve been hanging out in the highest, steepest part of the pen, as far away from Giotto as they can get. Here Loki cat is hiding in the brush.  While Posey seems curious but not too concerned, Fireball is not liking it at all. 

It started raining and they followed me to the shed   Posey ate a little hay while Fireball was giving Giotto the evil eye from the door way. When the rain quite they went out to give the dog and cat the once over. 

I’m really appreciating divine timing. If friends hadn’t been at my house just as I got there with the goats I’m not sure I could have gotten them penned by myself. 

Sunday, March 8, 2020

Progress! 3/8/2020

On Saturday friends came over and helped straighten out the frame. 

My friend Alan even custom made brackets to hold the strapping. 

And today he came over to finish the brackets, helped me with the end wall and got the strapping started on the top. It rained for a bit so we went in for a tea break. We did a little more then Alan had to leave and I needed to do chores so we called it quits for the day. 

I am so appreciating my friends without their help I wouldn’t be even halfway to where this project is now. 

Friday, March 6, 2020

Farmer Friday 3/6/2020

So this frame is pretty tweaked. 

So I framed up a stud wall for the far end to help bring things together. 

This one stud was twisted at the end so I had to unscrew it while I put the blocks down the center. That helped take out most of the twist. 

So all stood up, plumb and screwed down. 

Mmmm. The frame is more tweaked than it looked. I will have to think about what to do now. 

The peas are beginning to sprout. 

The Nankin cherrys are starting to bloom. 

Time to work on the hill pen and get it ready for new additions. Pulled down the shredding tarps. 

I took out the chicken roosts and the old next box. 

I moved some dirt around. It’s not level but at least the step down isn’t so steep. 

I cut out a couple mesquites with really vicious thorns. 

Still a bunch of stuff to do!

Thursday, March 5, 2020

Thursday 3/5/2020

All the decking on the shed  Ready to paint and I have everything but a roller pan. So a trip to the store. 

Spring is springing, poppies everywhere. 

Two coats of oops exterior paint I had on hand. 

Now to move a junk pile. 

Mmm. That’s not a good thing. That pipe should be attached to that frame. 

Can I just walk the frame across the yard?  

A little bit at a time. 

Up on the floor 

The high winds we’ve had this past year have some damage. I took this flange off and beat it back down sort of flat. Another trip to the store. I decided to use lag screws to fasten the frame down to the floor. 

Mmmm. This leg is severely bent. I tried standing on it. I tried using a clamp. Finally I took it off and stuck it in a hole on the truck bed and put a pipe in it and tried to bend it back out. I bent the pipe real good but not this leg. Got my big iron bar and that worked. Finally got that leg screwed down.  And then it was time to deliver eggs and do chores. 

I am sooo appreciating a friend that gave me a whole bag of hardware that I’m going to need for my shed project. 

Wednesday, March 4, 2020

WoooHoo Wednesday 3/4/2020

So actually on Tuesday I worked on moving some of the junk. 

I did that partly by moving these little pens up to the back to help protect some plants when the chickens get loose. 

And mmmm.  I guess the cats were going to have mouse tea. You know I took the mouse out and put in fresh water just to come back later to find the mouse was back. 

Then today Loki brought in a squirrel. I came home from the lumber yard to discover he lost it in the house. And Giotto was trying to find it. Needless to say the living room is now a bigger wreck than it was. 

I made a run over the mountain to the big lumber store and got some supplies to start on the shed. 

Treated 4x4s on top of the blocks. 

And the floor begins to take shape. I am going to have to shim some spots to get really level but that’s for tomorrow, time to feed the chickens.  

I don’t think anybody knows how excited I am to get this done. I’m so looking forward to getting my tools organized and having space to work.