My Edible Garden

I've been gardening for most of my life and have been a devoted fan of organic gardening the whole time. It just makes so much more sense to work in harmony with Mother Nature than to fight her. Besides which it is better for the planet and better for our bodies. Here you can see what I'm planting and harvesting, with gardening hints and resources thrown in for good measure.

Sunday, September 29, 2019

More fence

So back up the hill to work on fence. 

The ground is still very dry on the slopes so I had to pour some water in the hole. While I waited for it to drain I came down to this section to plant a tree.  This was beginning to gully and I’ve been throwing tree branches and stuff into it for a few years so the soil is building up a bit. 

This Arizona pistachio doesn’t make large nuts but it’s a nice evergreen tree. It won’t shade the garden in the winter but will help block some of the late afternoon sun in summer. 

I broke for lunch and discovered the kittens were out exploring. 

Back to the fence. The view from up here. The big hoop coop bottom left and the house hiding in the weed trees over on the right. 

And finally it’s done. 

Now to do this section between the chicken pen and the garden. But first I’ll have to cut out that yucca and trim back the cat claw. 

Friday, September 27, 2019

Farmer Friday

Wow Friday already! Two kittens have joined the household. No names yet. The one on the left had a run in with Tink the queen cat who scratched its eye. It looked better the next morning. 

The zinnias are still going strong. 

There were a few squash. 

Some Green Wave mustard, new this year. 

Some mustard relative of Mizuna from some that reseeded. A lot milder than the Green Wave

It was wet this morning so too slippery to work on fence on the hill. Instead I raked pens to stir up the wet litter and added fresh shavings. This is the oldest hatch and they freak out over the rake at first. Then the discover there are bugs and worms. 

Had a nice evening at the Superior Farmers Market. Time for bed, Globe-Miami Farmers Market is in the morning. 

The Work is Never Ending

Got the wire up all along the creek. Just have to go back and plug some holes. 

Back to work on the steep part. That 2nd post is a 10 footer since there is such a jump in elevation there. 

I took a break from the fence to put hoops and bird net over this bed and get it planted. There were already some volunteer calendula and purple sprouting broccoli which I left. I found more in the path which I moved to the bed. I added some giant red mustard, red Mizuna and spinach. Fingers crossed it’s cool enough for the spinach. 

Then I discovered the leak in the drip line. At least it was and easy fix. 

Somethings been digging at the hoop house. 

Another quick fix. 

Back to the fence. Yep that post is leaning. Hit a rock. Can’t get the post out. Oh well. 

Set 3 traps to catch a coon. 

A visitor while I turned some compost. It was really a brighter green.  And then it was dark. Some food and sleep and do it again tomorrow. 

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Wednesday Work 9/25/19

Spaghetti squash on the compost pile. 

Clearing brush for the fence

Hoping the last post didn’t hit a rock. Cutting back the mesquite means a little fire wood for next year. 

Now to just finish up getting the wire on and this section will be done. 

Waking up to holes like this means either a raccoon or a skunk. Traps are set. 

Glad to see the fungi!  Fungi are very necessary for proper nutrient cycling in the garden. I also understand some fungi eat the root feeding nematodes so the more the merrier!

And Shazam!! Just like that it was fall. Some rain and cooler temps have been a blessing. 

The new Lancinato kale are almost big enough to pick. I swapped their shade cloth for bird net. 

A couple days ago I cleared out this bed when I realized it had root knot nematodes. 

The nematodes are why the squash plants were sickly and most died this year. 

It’s on a slope and it’s retaining boards were leaning. So I shoveled out the dirt, reset the boards and carried on. I sprayed an organic nematocide and watered it in. I put on some fresh compost, planted various seeds, stole the shade cloth from the bed next door. Fingers crossed my new plan of attack alleviates the nematodes. 

Friday, September 20, 2019

Farmer Friday 9/20/19

Clearing brush, building a wall, driving fence posts. Of course there’s a rock every hole

Spaghetti squash on the compost pile

Dwarf Grey Sugar peas are blooming. Aren’t they pretty. 

Flowers for market. The sunflowers are pretty much gone. The zinnias are busting out all over. The dahlias are starting to perk up. 

The zucchini in this bed haven’t done much this year. What the rabbits and squirrels didn’t eat were killed by root knot nematodes. I need to clear the bed out, spray it for the nematodes and fix those support boards. 

Working on the slope above the new fence area. Running shallow swales level on contour ( more or less any way!). The idea being these shallow trenches will catch and hold water and sink it into the soil. When it cools off and we’re expecting a good rain I’ll add some seeds of dry land grasses and clovers that will grow over the winter and help hold the soil. 

I sat watching chickens for a bit this morning. This is the oldest set I hatched. All of the olive egger cockerels will go to freezer camp in a couple of weeks. The Buff Orpington and Black Copper Marans cockerels will hang out to grow a little longer, unless they have really bad flaws. In that case off to the freezer with them too. The girls will be next years layer flock. 

Thursday, September 19, 2019

Fencing and more

I got this run of fence along the creek wired up. 

I got the big beam out of the bushes the other day along with an old bunk bed spring frame. The rest of the junk is too tangled up to pull out. Besides it’s not in the way. 

I know my mind is in the right place when I find a heart rock. 

Got the posts set on this side of the crossing. 

Working on clearing brush by the hoop coops. This turned into several jobs at once. Lowering the slope where the fence will run, adding to the rock wall and working on water catchment. 

A few eggs, white peaches and tomatoes. 

I was asked to judge the vegetables at the county fair. 

This little silkie is the only one from spring hatches. She is in the house for today as the bigger birds were picking on her. 

Spaghetti squash on the compost pile. 

The coyotes are still hanging around. There’s a pack behind me and one down the canyon. Trying hard to get the fence finished so I can turn the dog out. Coyotes are after an easy meal and won’t usually come across the fence with the dog barking at them. They will try to entice the dog out so the pack can kill it. 

There’s also a pair of hawks in the afternoon and just about the time I’m trying to sleep the owl and it’s baby start in. 

Friday, September 13, 2019

Farmer Friday 9/13/19

I just like this picture 😁

Pack rats and squirrels are sooo destructive!  Another plant is just a bare stump. 

I’ve lost about 10 hens to a big hawk and pack of coyotes. This morning there was evidence of a skunk or a coon hanging around. 

I’m putting up fence as fast as I can. 

The sunflowers are almost done but the zinnias are taking off. 

The little back garden needed some attention this morning. 

This bed of dwarf grey sugar peas did not do well. I don’t think it got enough water. I’ll be replanting the bare spots. 

Running twine around the dwarf peas to keep them contained. 

A big ful moon.   The weather has cooled slightly. Hopefully things will start growing better.