My Edible Garden

I've been gardening for most of my life and have been a devoted fan of organic gardening the whole time. It just makes so much more sense to work in harmony with Mother Nature than to fight her. Besides which it is better for the planet and better for our bodies. Here you can see what I'm planting and harvesting, with gardening hints and resources thrown in for good measure.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Cleaning Up with my Electric Shredder

beginning to clean up with my shredder
I have a small electric shredder that I dearly love. Today I worked in the garden cleaning up all that stuff on the last garden bed.

This first picture is a little after I got started.

My electric shredder; nearly done!

This picture I am almost done with all the weeds and trees that were laying around in the area.

Back garden, looking better!

Here I've finished up what was laying around and have even cut down some of the weed trees in the area behind it.

The back sidewalk, still with remains of the July 4th flood

Here is the back sidewalk, still with remains of mud and leaves from the July 4th flooding. It was a nice day out, so I cleaned up some of this area too. I scooped up the leaves and silt and dumped them on top of the shreddings on that last garden bed. I'll probably add some of the leaves a friend gave me too, along with some blood meal to boost decomposition.

Back sidewalk, after

You can see I still need to do some work, but it's looking a lot better around here!

Inside the greenhouse

And here's a peek inside the green house. I know it's not much yet, but give it some time, it'll be pretty crowded before spring!


  1. Can you shred veggie scraps with your shredder? What's the name brand?

  2. I want one of these! My grandfather had one and it helped with his composting SO much!