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Monday, April 7, 2014

Buff Orpington Chicks

Nosey, left, Whopper, right

Well Claire and Henrietta, the big beautiful Buff Orpington girls have gone home to Cindy for the summer. Two young cockerels have taken their place here. These boys are the oldest of Claude & Henny's babies. These were hatched and started by Cindy and are about ten weeks old now.

Nosey is a tad smaller than Whopper and is just that really nosey! When ever I'm feeding the other babies Nosey is behind me pecking at my pants and shoes, trying to see what's in the bucket and generally being a nuisance. Whopper just hogs the feed trough and runs off the slightly smaller and younger Black Copper Marans chicks in the pen.

Trouble is just that, big Trouble! Always trying to escape and then getting stuck in a corner somewhere! Trouble is a Claude & Henny chick hatched here on Feb 27 so almost six weeks old.

Trouble's hatchmate

trouble's hatchmate

Trouble's hatch mate is bigger and is getting red wattles. I am thinking perhaps this one is a little roo and Trouble is a pullet, but time will tell.

Look at how wide he is!

Chicks hatched 3/13 and 3/22

More siblings growing out, the ones from the 3/13 hatch are hitting the dinosaur stage, the little one laying down is from the 3/22 hatch

Bianca & chicks

In other news Bianca's eggs hatched today and she readily took on the 6 Buff Orpington chicks that also hatched this morning. A couple of her eggs were still working on hatching when I checked on them this evening, so I won't know until tomorrow how many chicks she has for sure. The silkie chicks are so tiny, they are half the size of the orps.


  1. Mary, you certainly love your chickens. They are great looking chickens with quite appropriate names. Spring time is a wonderful time with all the new life starting on the homestead. I am content to watch the new wild life in the Spring and not having any kind of animals to care for. Over the course of my lifetime I have had responsibility for just about every kind of animal including fish. The last dog passed away a few years ago and my animal tending years went with him.

    Have a great chicken raising day.

  2. It sure looks like your chickie babies keep you busy! Enjoy! Nancy