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Sunday, April 20, 2014

More Chicken Pics


This post is mostly for my friend and chicken breeding partner Cindy, to see how the Buff Orpington babies are progressing.

Trouble was hatched Feb 27 and I'm hoping she's a she.

Trouble's brother
trouble's brother
Trouble's brother is definitely a he. ;-)
Nosey & a baby

Nosey had to jump up and check out the babies as I was looking at them.

chick hatch 3-6-14

I have two chicks that were hatched March 6. Again looks like maybe a pair.

hatched 3-6-14

Besides the Buff Orpingtons I have other breeds of chickens, Love the look of the Black Copper Marans which lay very dark brown eggs. Debating over keeping either of these two boys. I have lots of younger boys growing out, although none of the bloodline that this first male has. I like his balance and coloring. His comb is a little big but not too awful, his wattles could be smaller. I wouldn't hesitate to keep him except one of his eyes is funny and I don't know if he'll out grow it.
black copper marans hatched 11/18/13
his eye has a blot

Oops didn't get a good shot of the slightly younger fellow. But I'm pretty sure he's going to go away any way because he has too much red on his chest instead of it being nice and black. There are more chic pics to sort through but I"ll save them for later. Right now I need to go do chores.

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  1. Mary, I couldn't tell if a chicken was good stock or not. I just know if they taste good on the plate. Your Roo looks pretty manly to me. I don't think mom ordered any roosters with her chicken order. Even if there should be a couple in the order by mistake, they ended up in the freezer right along with the rest of the hens. So we never had any territorial issues among the chickens.

    Have a great chicken judging day.