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I've been gardening for most of my life and have been a devoted fan of organic gardening the whole time. It just makes so much more sense to work in harmony with Mother Nature than to fight her. Besides which it is better for the planet and better for our bodies. Here you can see what I'm planting and harvesting, with gardening hints and resources thrown in for good measure.

Monday, January 8, 2018

Harvet Monday

baby pak choi
Well I have finished my totals for 2017. I am going to try and be more organized on all fronts this year. Doing it all at once is a pain but now that the forms are set up in the computer it should be easier to keep up. I was actually surprised to discover how much I grew. The following does not include spoiled produce, with bug bites, bird pecks, ect. It also does not include a lot of herbs that I cut and fed to the chicken.

crop 2017
 pak choi 7.3125
apples 19.2500
beets 35.8125
broccoli 6.1250
carrots 25.1875
cauliflower 3.8750
chard 57.9375
collards 50.5625
cucumber, Armenian 67.3750
cucumber, Market More 47.3125
elephant garlic 26.8750
green beans, bush 24.1250
green garlic
herb, basil, Italian 3.6875
herb, Basil, lemon 0.1250
herb, basil, thai 0.7500
herb, chives, Chinese 1.0000
herb, cilantro 5.5000
herb, dill 0.5625
herb, lavender 0.1250
herb, lovage 0.6875
herb, parsley curly 4.1250
herb, parsley,  flat 3.8125
herb, rosemary 0.3125
herb. Oregano 0.3750
herb. Sage 0.6875
kale 20.6875
kale, lancinato 37.5625
kale, red russian 29.6250
kale, scarlet 66.5625
leek 14.5625
lettuce bibb 13.2500
lettuce leaf mix 24.0000
melon, hales 46.8750
melon, Northern NM 34.8125
mustard, red giant 19.0625
mustard, red mizuna 7.0000
onion bulb 27.7500
onion, green 4.6250
potato white creamer 23.0625
potato, all blue 20.2375
potato, all red 17.3750
potato, Belinda 62.3750
potato, chieftan 5.5625
potato, yukon nugget 4.7500
potatoes 5.8000
pumpkin, Jack Be Little 3.3750
pumpkin, volunteer 43.1875
radish 6.1250
snap peas 49.6025
snap peas sweet magnolia 6.1875
spinach 7.5625
squash, Honey Boat Delicata 12.2500
squash, red kuri 30.1250
squash, spaghetti 99.2500
tomato, cherry mix 51.6250
tomato, large mix 13.6875
turnip greens 17.3750
turnips 23.1875
watermelon, Black Tail Mt. 69.8125
watermelon, Hopi Yellow 36.7500
zucchini & summer squash mix 747.1875
total for year 1724.5775

So I'm hooking up with Harvest Monday, a fun blog hop where you can show off your harvests. Of course I forgot to write down what I harvested this week. But it wasn't very much. A lot of things are looking a bit sad with the dry cold. 2018 goal; double the poundage ;-)

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  1. That's a fantastic amount of food that you grow. The amount of greens and squashes is staggering. Great job.