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Sunday, September 8, 2013

New Chick on the Block

A Frizzle
I have been fostering some hens for friends when they were told they had to go because they are not allowed inside the city limits. They are working with the city council to try and get the ordinance changed. In the meantime the girls are hanging out at my house.

Included in the group are two kinds of chickens I haven't learned much about yet, Frizzles and Silkies. I really haven't had a chance to look them up, but I do know that Silkies have black skin, meat and bones and are considered a delicacy in some Asian countries.

Both kinds of birds have mutations from normal bird feathering. And they are both very small, making them a frequent choice for youngsters getting their first chickens.

They are cute, but they sort of look like aliens!

One of the foster girls, a white silkie
I love how the Silkies have bright blue earlobes, like they are wearing earrings!

And the Frizzles have cheek poofs and little topknots. They do sort of resemble a pine cone!

a buff Silkie rooster

I never thought I would have little tiny chickens like Silkies, but recently a new friend gave me this pretty little buff Silkie rooster. Knowing my foster girls could leave any time, I went ahead and bought a little buff Silkie pullet to keep him company when the foster girls leave.

buff Silkie pullet; I think she has eyes in there somewhere


  1. Hi nice of you to foster those silkies for a friend. That new buff silkie male should have feathered legs...he must be a mix of sort? I have never seen a clean legged silkie. They tend to be broody and docile...make good setters/mothers usually too. Always fun trying new breeds and varieties to see if you like them etc. I have tried so many breeds over the past 30+ years. Talk soon, Peace

  2. Oh, how sweet. I love Silkie bantams and would very much like to have some one day. I hope your friends will get to bring their chickens back home. We are just outside the city limits and can keep chickens, so it's just a matter of learning more about them and setting up if we decide to stay at our current location. Beautiful chickens. Enjoy your girls. :D Blessings, Bird

  3. We are so glad we got some of your beautiful hens. We named one foxy lady
    & one other Fiona. We have to come up with one more name.. Our flock
    has been very calm with the new addition..

    As for the buff silkies, mix..
    We got both parents from My Pet Chicken. The mon is a buff not bearded
    & kent the dad does have feathers on hid legs, the mom Karen did not.. For
    some reason I can not edit.. Will you edit.. Oh the dad is a partarage silkie.
    The mom a buff..

  4. I would love to find a buff silkie from the same bloodline as the one above. Any ideas who I can contact?

    1. @Tammy I am not sure who might have them. I don't remember where Dephane said this girl came from. You might try Sonoran Silkies, Suzie Scott, I think she is in Tempe.

  5. Any idea what breeder the buff silkie came from? Would love to have one of her sisters!