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Thursday, July 21, 2016

More Erosion Control

dawn on the Pinals
Well I got up early and got started before it got real hot. I got another 1/10th of an inch of rain at my place yesterday evening. Not much but better than nothing.

I did notice that a big gully had not washed out in the bigger rain the other day, so I decided I needed to check the little ditches and check dams up on top of the hill.

I did some work on the way up. One small gully did wash a good amount of water down the other day, so I wanted to go to where it starts and do some work.

lower down

higher up

looking down



I'm making small cuts across the slope, as level as I can, to try and slow the water down a little so it can sink in, instead of running off.



small earthworks

this old road cut has caused a lot of erosion.  I am pleased that the earthworks that I did earlier this summer are holding up.

I only have to work on a couple of areas.
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On this part there are 2 slopes to work on, the old road bed and the hillside next to it.

beginning of large gully

above the large gully


If we get 2 inches in an hour, all of this is for nought. But if it comes down slower, this should help.

rough country

Further down the road cut, there is even more erosion. I really need to get up on top of that slope and do some cuts up there. But it's too dang hot right now.

a really big gully

good morning bees

more of the big gully
Working my way down the old road cut there are a couple of really big gullies. Too big for me to do much about them, especially at this level. I will have to get up on the very top of the hill and work on the head cuts, then work my way down.

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After I got back to the house and cooled off I tied up the cucumber vines. 

Then back to moms house. My farmer boy helped fill up water buckets. He likes to play with the little chicks, too.

catching chicks.

chick wrangler

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