My Edible Garden

I've been gardening for most of my life and have been a devoted fan of organic gardening the whole time. It just makes so much more sense to work in harmony with Mother Nature than to fight her. Besides which it is better for the planet and better for our bodies. Here you can see what I'm planting and harvesting, with gardening hints and resources thrown in for good measure.

Monday, August 21, 2017

Harvest Monday

Some of the collards
 A little late getting this out. Hooking up with Dave and the Harvest Monday gang. Lots of collards, kale and chard this week.

squash, Marketmoore and Armenian cucumber and a melon
squash of different kinds

green beans
The squash harvest is down, I've lost several plants due to wilting but the survivors are rebounding. The first patch of green beans is winding down, only 2 pounds this week, but the new patch is blooming. The old patch will come out and I will cover the bed with compost and try to get some baby mustard greens. Then in late September or early October I'll plant the garlic.  There were also some cherry tomatoes, but again, yields are down. 

herbs for chickens
I don't think I've mentioned before, my harvest weights don't include things I pick for the chickens (or my snacking while working). I picked a big bucket of herbs for the chickens the other day; all kinds of basil, catnip, parsley, sage, white horehound, rosemary. They are all good for the chickens.

new duck eggs
Some of the young ducks have begun laying. Their eggs size up pretty quick, the little egg is probably the first one laid, the bigger eggs are probably 2nd or 3rd eggs.

very first duck egg from the 2017 girls
The very first egg I found wasn't as big as most of my silkie eggs.

Northern New Mexico melon
There are a couple of Northern New Mexico melons getting big, can't wait for them to get ripe, they are huge.

Black Copper Marans pullet, April 2017 hatch
Not the best pic but I'm keeping an eye on this Black Copper Marans pullet. Hard to see in the picture but she is getting some copper on her neck.

Capt Hook

baby brother
Tinkerbell (aka mama kitty) had 2 boys in her first litter, a grey striped named Peter Pan and this black and white one named Capt Hook. In her second litter she has 3 tiger striped (2 boys and a girl) and this little black twin of Capt Hook.

my fortune on Thursday
Every Thursday mom gets her hair done and then we go eat buffet at China Taste. Sometimes my fortunes are thought provoking.

Harvest totals.  Week of August 14-20
Aug 15
Scarlet kale. 1#. 3 oz
Carrots.        1#  8 oz
Aug 17
Green beans. 2#. 0 oz
Scarlet kale   3#  0oz
Squash.         3#  14 oz
Marketmoore 2#. 4 oz
Armenian.     3#.  14oz
Lancinata kale 2#. 12oz
Aug 18
Italian basil. 6oz
Sage.            1 oz 
Lemon basil. 2 oz
Rosemary.      .5 oz
Cherry tomatoes 2#. 5 oz
Collards.       4# 0 oz
Squash.        18#.  0 oz
Week Totals
Kale.  6# 15oz
Carrots 1# 8oz
Beans.  2# 0 oz
Squash. 20# 14 oz
Cukes.   6# 2 oz
Herbs.   9.5 oz
Tomatoes.   2# 5oz
Collards.  4# 0oz
TOTAL.  44# 5oz


  1. My squash have been affected by wilt this year. It hasn't killed all of them, and I'm hoping to get a few at least.

  2. It's amazing the variety of squashes you grow. And the New Mexico melons look great. We're in the midst of getting the garden cleared out to start fall planting.

  3. So cute, love the kitties names! And a lovely basket of squash you have!