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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Another Day's Work On The Silkie Coop

back/north wall
Well I spent another whole day working on this little coop. Here is the back wall all done up and painted. I love this yellow ochre color, it is bright and cheery without being a garish primary color. I picked up about five or six gallons of mistints at Ace a couple of months ago to use on the new chicken house. Just couldn't pass up $5 a gallon for exterior paint!

west wall started
You can see in the next picture that I painted the inside of the back wall blue. This was some leftover interior paint from my paint cupboard. I think it will be alright in this area since it won't get a lot of rain or sun under there. And I started the west wall.

West wall finished

Here is the west wall finished. I have to make a window to go in the opening. I have decided if I run out of time I will just put up the wire and cover with plastic and finish the windows after the rest is done.

west wall with first coat

I am out of Kilz but found some off white interior paint in the cupboard to use as a primer coat

west wall painted

then it got a coat of the yellow ochre. And you can see here that I found a piece of paneling out in the shed. It's probably about 25 yrs old, leftover from re-doing a room in the house.

The inside
I also finished and painted the east wall. I found a piece of shower board hiding in the spare room to use as the floor.

Last year some friends brought me some bits of scrap and trim and there was enough of this baseboard molding to go all the way around!

Come back tomorrow to see what color I painted it!

1 comment:

  1. Mary, I'm really liking how you have repurposed material around your place. I try to grab stuff from Craig's list and neighborhood throw away things. The problem I run into is the material comes in faster than I can put it to good use. I have had to put a hold on acquiring things and work on some of the planned projects this year.

    Your coop is looking real good and I'm sure your chickens with certainly appreciate all the effort that has been put forth in building it.

    Have a great coop building day.