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Saturday, January 25, 2014

The Roof Goes on the Silkie Coop

rafters installed
Well as predicted I didn't get much of anything done on the little silkie coop during the week; just not enough day light after work.

Here's where I left off, with the rafters on, during the week I managed to put up the trim around the back vent and install one bird block.

Today I added the rest of the bird blocks and started on the roof.

roof decking going on

roof in progress

Like the rest of the coop the roof is not really square or quite flat. But with two or three layers of tar paper it ought to be weatherproof until I can get some sort of shingles or roofing on it.

hole in the floor
I also cut the hole in the floor for a sliding pop door to the bottom section of the coop.

Tomorrow I'll add several layers of tar paper to the roof, figure out how to make the supports for the sliding door and finish constructing that. Then I just need a door on the front and it will be done enough for the broody mamma to take up residence. If it doesn't all happen before dark, then broody mamma will spend a few days in the house while coop construction is completed, because the eggs are supposed to hatch on Monday!

And I still haven't spent a dime on this coop!

1 comment:

  1. Mary, I do like your dime less coop project. Seeing it come together bit by bit inspires me to get busy with my winter projects which are not nearly so aggressive as your coop building. Finding material for homestead projects is, unfortunately, very easy. I have a difficult time limiting my acquisition of free give away material. We live in a society that throw away is just too common, don't you think? I'm glad to see that you are of the same mind set as me when it comes to repurposing throw away things. Good luck on finding the roofing material to keep the rain away from your birds.

    Have a great coop building day.