My Edible Garden

I've been gardening for most of my life and have been a devoted fan of organic gardening the whole time. It just makes so much more sense to work in harmony with Mother Nature than to fight her. Besides which it is better for the planet and better for our bodies. Here you can see what I'm planting and harvesting, with gardening hints and resources thrown in for good measure.

Monday, July 31, 2017

Harvest Monday and #eatwhatyougrow

a mess of green beans
Harvest Monday once again, hooking up with Dave over at Our Happy Acres. I got over 3 pounds of green beans this week from the older patch. The new bed of bush beans is up and off to a great start with the rain.

more squash
There was a good amount of squash this week and I only had one left over after market on Saturday so that is always a plus.
Hales cantaloupe and Black Tail Mt. watermelon
I got some more watermelons and cantaloupes. They have been pretty good tasting.

Georgia collards
I made the first picking on the new bed of collard greens. They have really started growing fast since the rains have come.

Armenian cucumber
Market More cucumber

I picked one Armenian and a couple of Market More cucumbers. The Market More have had the slightest tinge of bitterness to the skin. I think probably because sometimes they still don't get enough water. but they are still tasty, they just have to be peeled.
I cleaned up an almost empty bed of carrots and also found some volunteer new potatoes. 

cucumber & yogurt salad
#eatwhatyougrow Besides having cucumber in regular salad I've been making a cucumber salad with yogurt and chopped fresh herbs.

omelet in the making

ready to eat

I used up another dozen silkie eggs in an omelet for lunch on Sunday. Along with a couple of collard leaves and some parsley. I also added a lot of Monterrey Jack cheese. Mom says there is no such thing as too much cheese.

Harvest for week of July 24-30
July 24
 large tomatoes      1#  1oz

July 26
Scarlet Kale     1# 12oz
Lancinato kale 1# 8oz
Collards           2# 0oz
New potatoes        12oz
carrots                   3oz
Armenian cuke  1# 12oz

July 27
watermelon   11# 0oz
cantaloupe    5#  7oz

July 28
Cherry tomato 5# 3oz
cucumber        12oz
green beans 3# 12oz
squash       28# 3oz
basil 2oz
sage 2 oz
oregano2 oz
curly parsley 3oz
flat parsley 3oz
rosemary 1oz

July 29
basil 6oz
sage 2oz
curly parsley 4oz
flat parsley 4oz

large tomatos 1# 8oz

TOTALS for the week
large tomato  2# 9oz
kale                3# 4oz
collards         2#  0oz
new potatoes      12 oz
Armenian cuke 1#12oz
watermelon    11# 0oz
cantaloupe      5#  7oz
cherry tomato 5# 3oz
cucumber        12oz
green beans 3# 12oz
squash        28# 3oz
fresh herbs  1# 11oz



  1. That sure is a lovely basket of squash. How many varieties are you growing? I forgot to plant collard this year, next year.

    1. Hi Norma, growing 10 varieties this year, a generic zucchini, Mexican Grey, Black Beauty, plus Bennings Green tint patty pan, Golden Patty Pan, Gold Scallopini, Lemon, Yellow Straightneck, Tondo (the round zucchini) and Tromboncinno which hasn't made an appearance yet.

  2. I agree with Mom on the cheese comment. :) I grew Hales melon last year and absolutely loved the taste - unfortunately, our spring was so cool and wet that none of the plants made it past the seedling stage. Ah well, I'll try again next year.

    Great looking harvest!

    1. Thank you Susie, yes cheese makes everything better. Yes melons love to be warm. Some of the plants are still going and making more melons. We shall see how they do as the weather cools towards fall.

  3. Nice harvests! I'm a huge fan of cucumber/yoghurt salad - that usually one of the first things I make once we start picking them off the vines.

    1. It is such a cool and refreshing dish on a hot summer day. I got the idea from the yogurt cucumber dip they serve at Middle Eastern restaurants.

  4. I tried the Armenian cucumber one time and never got one of them. The cucumber and yogurt salad sounds delicious!

    1. Maybe they were too cool. Remember Armenians are not true cukes, they are actually a kind of melon that tastes like a cucumber

  5. We'll celebrate if we manage to harvest just one melon :-)

    1. I can imagine in your climate! I visited Ireland years ago and it was so strange there were none of the summer crops I usually grow, except in glasshouses.

  6. Love the look of that nice fresh cucumber salad... it seems to be the year of the cucumber here this year so I am always looking for inspiration. Our current favourite is dilly cucumber fridge pickles

    1. I have been wanting to do a dill salad but the old plants have long gone to seed and the harvester ants stole the new planting. Going to try and reseed this week. In the meantime I think I will eat them with mint ;-)